Just that.

“A organizacao, funcionamento e preocupacoes com a satisfacao das necessidades dos clientes, sao aspetos diferenciadoras da empresa, resultantes da gestao do Claudio.”
Rui Costa
Recursos Humanos – Psicologo Organizacional
“Claudio is a proactive, creative and entrepreneurial. A curious and insightful, it was a true pleasure having him a a colleague.”
Vasco Vasconcelos
Intelligence Consultant at Competinov
“I met Claudio at the University, and we worked closely over the four years of college. Working with Claudio was very good for my training, because the fact that he always seek new challenges and different ways to approach the concepts turned out to be crucial also on my way to work and look at the daily challenges. It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with Claudio”.
Nuno Almeida
Retail Stores Supervisor
“Claudio Trovisco always proven to be a dedicated professional who treats his subjects with a personal touch of its own. An excellent example as a leader, no doubt, is a profissonal and a model to follow.”
Miguel Pires Cabral
PhD Student at University of Vigo
“Claudio demonstrou boas capacidades de negociacao e manteve um discurso coerente.”
Jose Paulo Borges Lopes
Diretor Comercial na Hiperalimentar
“Management excelence.”
Rui Vale
Marketing and Comunication Advisor
“Inspired and dynamic student”
Sofia Gaio
Teacher at Universidade Fernando Pessoa
“I have known Claudio for over 6 years. I dealt with him while he was taking part in Socrates/Erasmus Programme at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, Poland and until today we are still friends. At all times I have found Claudio to be reliable, conscientious, honest and courteous. I am happy to provide further information if required.”
Paula Jatczak
“Claudio is proactive colleague with a great capacity for communication and relationship.He is focused and a proactive entrepreneur.”
Sofia Ferreira
E-commerce Coordinator at Casacon Home Center

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