Are you Organized?

Both in my professional and personal life I’ve always struggled with a simple but somehow hard to achieve characteristic -Being organized.

One of the feelings I hate the most is not feeling organized, but as time goes, I surprisingly learn that not everybody thinks like I do and to be honest, that makes me kinda happy. Why? Well, If we where all the same, we wouldn’t compete between ourselves and life without competition would be miserably boring.

Some of you might think: “Well, no competition means no competitors. No competitors means easy deals.” – I sure hope only a few of you think about this in this way, otherwise, you really should have an introspection going on your life.

In my point of view, no competition means idleness (not to use the word sloth) and indifference. And no competitors means no added value reason to have a client or a job.

What does “organized” mean?

If you check your dictionary you’ll finda bunch of different synonyms like: coordinated; formed; formulated; standardized; catalogued; classified; correlated; grouped and methodized;

Now take a closer look at each one of them and ask yourself if you’re being organized or still trying hard.

Better yet, does your office colleague apply more of the previous synonyms than you do? How about your superior? And how about your main competitor?

Organization is an intrinsic partof all professions, or at least it should be. It’s universal and influences theoutcome result of anything produced.

Takes time and effort to become organized but once you do it, everything runs smoothly and so much faster, unless…  Yes, that’s right, unless the other interactive parts, meaning people, aren’t ready for your level oforganization.

When that happens, nothing more happens. Usually the process slows like a rusty well and eventually ends up stopping.

Big companies have a high propensity in this matter.

That’s right, they are calledelephants not because they are big, but because they are slow. And guess what,99.9% of the times they are slow because their human components are notorganized as they should.

Now you see why it’s actuallygood that not everybody aims to be as organized as you probably are.

It’s actually good that you’re office colleague is less organized than you. That way there’s a high chance that your promotion comes faster than his.

And your superior? Well, considering he his in a higher rank than you are, it’s very likely that he is more organized than you and in that case, if your level of organization gets higher, he might see you as a threat. Better yet, his superior might actually notice your growth and start evaluating why he is not your superior instead andt hat is a great reason to maintain your dedication to being even more organized.

Last but not least, there’s nothing better than a poorly organized competitor or at least a less organized than you. Makes things so much easy turning business less irksome and so more spry.

Being organized is not the same as being perfect.

Being perfect by itself means you’re already slow due to the time you waste on achieving that state of perfection, but being perfect without organization?! Ouch, that makes you the sloth of the business jungle.

Therefore, be organized in order to achieve mastery

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